What Makes A Great Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to share with you all what I see that makes a great mother. These are things I strive to be. 

To me, what makes a mother so wonderful are: 

  • A woman that goes through painful labor and births a child, and immediately, her heart swells so large it’s nearly numb with love. 
  • A woman that wakes up countless hours a night to check on her baby, feed her baby, change her baby, kiss her baby, and rock her baby without an ounce of bitterness or anger because she knows those moments are fleeting. 
  • A woman that loves her child so much that a fearful love entangles and she worries about every fall, every sneeze and every cry, because she knows all too well that the world is not a soft place and she wishes so terribly that she could take away all the woes. 
  • A woman that just CANNOT get enough kisses. So much so, that the child cries or pushes away. Those cheeks are just too intoxicating. 
  • A woman that makes her decisions based on her child’s needs. For instance: a single mom who doesn’t just sleep around with anyone because she’s lonely, but instead looks only for the right qualities in a man that will not only make a great companion but also, a good father. 
  • A woman who is singly raising a child and works 2-3 jobs just to provide because she has to. Not because she wants to, because who would want to do that! No. Because it’s the only way she can make absolute sure that her daughter will have school supplies and some new school clothes, and of course for the occasional Barbie doll that she sees the child light up to have!
  • A woman who surprises her child with a random gift for no apparent reason! 
  • A single woman who has no emotional support from anyone, makes sure her child always feels supported, valued and heard. 
  • A woman that scolds her child out of love, and her love is so deep that she can’t let the child sulk long. She goes into the grounded room and hugs her child and talks about why the child was disciplined. 
  • A woman that instills the love of God in her child’s heart. 
  • A woman who reads her child to sleep, but reads in other accents to make it more interesting. 
  • A woman who randomly lets her child skip a day of school to hang out with her and go shopping or go to work with her. 
  • A woman that loves her husband despite his brokenness in areas. A woman that refuses to bash her husband to her child because of his faults. She faithfully tries to reconcile the relationship even if it’s not being recipicated. 
  • A woman that continues to push past the current situation and see the future potential in her child even when everyone else has given up. She doesn’t give up. She knows in her heart that anything is possible, and she faithfully pursues to see her child be an OVERCOMER!
  • A woman that encourages her child to succeed. 
  • A woman that does not control the path, but guide it.
  • A woman who is a raw example of a giver, not a taker. A selfless woman, who often sticks her neck out for people…and it may look like she’s a doormat, but she’s instilling a giving and selfless spirit in her child, because if you do everything as you’re doing unto the Lord, you’re doing amazing works for the Kingdom. 
  • A woman that knows when to let go and when to hang on…for example: when the love of the child’s life enters into their world, the woman knows that a love story is beginning and she applauds it and encourages it, does not squelch it even when it’s hard to know that her grown up baby will soon be married and having her own baby. 
  • A woman that comes over to her grown child’s home and sees the dishes piled up so she cleans them. Sweeps the floor. Folds her child’s laundry. 
  • A woman who begins to do all of these things but magnified and more dramatically in her grandchildren…because spoiling a grandchild is way okay. 

These are all things I saw in my own mom. A strong woman. Many times I saw her cry because we were so close to not affording rent or our electric bill…but she would find a way. She would take on another side job after working all day. She always found a way to make it. 

She always gave her ALL in a relationship. Even when the man was barely worth the effort, she was committed to finding a way to fix the brokenness. And although they just turned out to be losers that didn’t deserve her, she taught me, that absolutely no matter how bad my marriage may seem in the moment…you always fight for it. 

Most days were about survival financially. But she busted her butt. She eventually purchased her own home at 43 years old after only ever renting and/or being homeless!! She pushed onward and she overcame!!!

I, myself, feel as though I have a pretty good testimony about overcoming, but my mom has a pretty strong one! After years and years and YEARS of struggling and being alone, her knight is shinning armor arrived. And at 45 years young, she married the true love of her life and will never ever have to feel that struggle to survive or feel that daunting loneliness again. 

Plus she has an adorable granddaughter now. 😉 

I love you mom. Thank you for being such a strong example in my life. 

I think you’re the bees knees. 

Happy Mother’s Day. ❤️

*** This is by no means to say that family has not played a role somewhere along the path in one way or another. But in honor of Mother’s Day I’m giving my mom the credit of solely raising me***


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