Weightloss Journey

I never really thought I would be turning my eating disorder recovery blogpost page into a weightloss journey page…but here I am, after a horrible pregnancy, one year later still in the “obese” category of the clinical BMI scale, and I’m blogging about my first week of some serious bootcamp weightloss. 

So, my husband and I made a deal, since we both want another baby anytime from now until whenever it actually happens, he has agreed to let me have three months to “prepare” so to speak. I don’t want to get pregnant at the weight I am, for fear of gaining more weight. So I have three months to make it to my goal weight. 

And today has marked week 1. 

It’s been so surprisingly easy this week! Once you set your mind to it, and pick up determination, it is a cinch! 

About a month in a half ago or so, I joined my cousin in a week long juice fast. It was the most miserable week of my life! I complained. I whined. I cried. I stomped my feet and threw a fit. And on the day before the fast was to end, I called it quits. I couldn’t do it anymore. 

I was not determined. 

I was not ready. 

On Monday of last week, I made the decision that it was the day I would change it all. No more complaining about my size. It was time to do something about it. 

I logged back on to My Fitness Pal app and updated my current weight, my goal weight and my daily caloric goal.

On that day I put my daughter in her stroller and I walked. And I walked. And I walked. 2 hours I walked. 

The next day I rested but achieved my caloric goal. 

Wednesday I put my daughter in her stroller and grabbed a leash and took my chubby dog and we walked. And we walked. And we walked. 2 hours we walked. 

Thursday I met up with a friend and I put my daughter in my Ergo carrier, and we walked and walked! 1.5 hours, while carrying my 20 pound daughter!! 

Friday I did some light cleaning around the house. 

Saturday I loaded and unloaded boxes and boxes of stuff we donated to our local goodwill. 

Sunday my husband and I reorganized the entire house and cleaned (it’s what he chose to do for Father’s Day. I didn’t argue!) 

Today I kayaked for 20 minutes and helped my husband carry a bunch of stuff to the basement. So my legs feel that workout already. 

So far, this more active lifestyle, coupled with my caloric goal…I’ve lost 9.4 pounds this week!!!

Now I realize it’s mainly water, since my jeans still fit nearly the same, but I feel so good and so motivated to continue! 

In three months I will have reached my goal and on that day…you can find me at the store…shopping for a new wardrobe! 


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