Birth Story: Vol. 2

I want to start off by saying, I am so thankful to be able to write a post like this! I am so thankful that this is MY story of birth! And I pray every pregnant momma gets to share a story just like it, or even better!

From day one, this pregnancy was polar opposite from my first. No sickness. No aches. No pains. No back issues. No swelling. No carpel tunnel. No trigger thumb. No loss of voice due to swelling. Just the pure opportunity to experience each stage of pregnancy, and enjoy it! 

I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy dreading my due date. I wanted so badly to deliver before it, because I was terrified to have another 8 pound 14 ounce child, that took 25 hours to get out, and several stitches to repair. Every week Cordelia cooked in the womb, was another week of weight gain. I tried everything natural to get her out sooner. Pineapple, walking, dancing, bumpy lawnmower rides…other natural remedies 😜…but she just kept right on baking away. 

Until her ACTUAL due date. At 2am on her due date, I got the first contraction. It scared me, panic ran through me as it brought back a flood of extremely painful memories. And I KNEW, within 24 hours I would be back in that same horrific situation called ‘labor’. I was up until 4am staring at the ceiling, telling myself to just go to sleep since it would soon be something I won’t be getting, but my mind raced. 

At 10:45am I went to my 40 week check up with contractions sporadically appearing every 30-45 minutes. My doctor checked me and I was only dilated to a 3. She didn’t seem too optimistic that it would be THAT day that I would go into true labor, but assured me that anything is possible. She still had me make an appointment for the following Monday, just in case. 

We decided to be proactive that day about getting the labor on. So we left the doctors office and went walking around Walmart. We ran into some great people we know that said they would be praying for us and the delivery. Which is neat because each person we ran into is someone I never see there, so that was comforting that God stratigically placed these people in our literal paths to help bring peace. 

Noah then went to work and my mom came out to walk with me through Meijer. Walking, walking walking! Towards evening, my contractions began to get closer together (about 5 minutes apart), so my step dad came out to my house to stay with Avonlea while my mom took me to the hospital at 10:30 to meet Noah there (since he works there!). 

I started out in the birth center triage, where they check everything out to make sure I’m in labor before admitting me. When I arrived I was still, sadly dilated to a 3. I really wanted to deliver this baby THAT night because my doctor was on call there that night, and the nurse I really wanted was there, and it happened to be her last day, and the aid (my friend) I really wanted to be there, and she happened to be working that night! So, it HAD to be THAT night! 

The contractions were about 5-6 minutes apart and very painful. But this time, I breathed through them instead of holding my breath and fighting them! I imagined that every contraction was a moment closer to delivering. So, about an hour later she came back to check me and I had dilated to a 4! Yay! That meant I got to be admitted! Which meant I got to have all those amazing people by my side through it…if she arrived before their shifts were over of course. 

With my first labor, I was so against the idea of an epidural. 1- I was terrified of being paralyzed, and the thought of a giant needle paralyzed me enough with fear…even though after 12 hours of no progress in active labor I still ended up with an epidural with my first. But those first 12 hours were HELL. And 2- it’s the thing. Ya know, the thing that proves you’re a woman, and a good one, and a strong one…

Don’t get me wrong! Those who go without are amazing! And it puts me in awe! But, I’m going to throw in the redhead excuse, our pain tolerance is not that high…and also, I just do not like pain. At least not in that magnitude. 

It’s a misconception to think an epidural takes all the pain away. It doesn’t. And I’m glad about that. There is a level of it I do want to feel. The process of it. It’s part of the journey. But, the intense magnitude of labor…my body and mind just can’t handle it after a certain point and I end up resisting it, which slows the process of labor down. 

All that to say, there’s no shame in pain intervention. 

Once I was admitted, I was given an epidural. I was then checked and had dilated to a “stretchy 5”. 

We based this labor off of my first, and knew it would be a while yet until we met miss Cordelia. So Noah decided to make a quick run to McDonald’s to grab food for my mom and him, and rudely eat it in front of me since I wasn’t allowed to eat lol. 

About 10 minutes after his absence, I started feeling crazy pressure. The nurse checked me and immediately asked where Noah was…and told my mom to call him right away. Within 4 hours of my arrival I went from a 3 to FULLY DILATED! 

Noah quickly grabbed the McDonald’s meal and peeled out of the parking lot, speeding to the hospital. In reality though, he had some time yet. But, it was quite an unexpected shock to be progressed so far!

I started doing some prep pushing through some of the contractions. That part wasn’t a lot of fun, but necessary. 

And by 4am I was doing some real pushing through every contraction. My doctor almost didn’t have both of her gloves on in time, because by 4:22, out popped little Cordelia’s head, and she had me stop pushing so she could quickly grab the little sucker to suction out all the yuckies before her first breath. And a push later, her rubber-like little body just plopped right out. 

No tearing. No ripping. I’d like to say quick and painless, but although I never cried or screamed, I did say “owwww this hurts…” which is kind of to be expected. 

6 hours in the hospital and I had delivered a healthy, beautiful 8 pound 2 ounce, 21 inch long baby girl at 4:22am on 4/21! Shortly after, I was up walking, showering…and have not felt like I delivered a child. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I was hit by a semi, but I don’t feel like I delivered a baby 🤣. 

This is possibly my last child, maybe. We will see if two goes well, we may opt to be outnumbered, but there’s a chance we my opt out lol. I really wanted to remember this delivery experience, since my first one I chose the route of the medication for pain intervention…I hardly remember that delivery, and the process of all 25 hours. My mom beautifully captured many precious moments of this journey this time, with an iPhone, so the quality isn’t professional grade, but the images truly are! So below are a compilation of some of the most valuable moments of that nights adventure!



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